Guide to Online Slots for Beginners

online slots guide

Definition of Online Slots

The things have changed over the years. To play slots online in UK you need to know some ground rules. Everything is evolved from time to time, and now it is a different story. If you never think about playing in an online casino, and you are an absolute beginner then this text is for you. First of all, you need to know some of the basics of the game, terms and finding the best slots for you. Online casinos are now one of the best-making money sites around the globe. There are 2 types of casinos:

  •         Web based – these are known as flash casinos, and you don’t need to download anything. Every game is based on online players and plugins. You need a decent connection in order to play this game.
  •         Download-based – unlike web based casinos the ones we are looking obligate you to install software directly on your computer. When you downloaded the software, you are in slightly advantage because you run it directly from your computer without requiring browser plugins. This type also offers the faster and smoother gameplay. But this type of casino has downside since you need to download the software and install it. The installation can take more or less time depending on the program. You can also download a malware when you try to download a game.

Brief Instructions, Basic Concepts, and Stages of the Game in Online Slots

Everyone knows what classic slot is. You probably saw it or even played it. The machine contains 3 reels that are spinning. To win you need to hit three same symbols in a line and that is just it. Now the online slots (video slots), are something else. You now have not just 3 but five reels. We can say that the online slots are better because you have more chances to win. It is possible because of the pay lines. They can be almost anywhere on the reels and in different directions. The winning streak also depends on slots since everyone is different from the other. 


There are many dissimilar winning lines, and the variation of them depends on the slot. There are from nine to thirty pay lines all in different directions. The more pay lines are there; the more chances you have to win it is simple as that. If you play for example a slot game that has twenty-five pay lines than you got that many chances to win. The symbols can form a winning combination just by being there and not essentially next to each other.


Wilds depend on the game and the theme of the game. The most interesting thing for you is that you can win with two of these symbols. You don’t need to form 3 or more to form a winning combination. In fact, with just a one wild and two winning symbols you win. Wild symbol will substitute any other icon on the pay line.


We have another symbol that is more than good to you. It can give the prizes like free spins, bonus rounds, multipliers but you need to have it three of them on the reel. They even count when they just appear on the display. From a whole round scatters will multiply your winnings by two or three times. Scatter symbol cannot be changed with a wild. You will need all of three scatters to win with no exception.

Bonus feature – it appears on the screen when the certain winning combination is triggered.

How to Bet

Now when you know the basic terms and definitions, you are ready to set your bets and play your free game. First, you need to set your bet amount, it can be minimum and maximum. The minimum is pretty low, and it begins something about 0.01, 0.02 and so on. With this, we can see that just half a coin is minimum bet. The coins are translated in your currency. If you bet the maxim, then you will be getting greater rewards.

After the bet amount you now need to pick the paylines and on how many of them you want to bet. The number of paylines will multiply with the bet amount. Then you can start playing. A lot of slots have autoplay, so you will basically just be sitting and waiting to win, or you can click the play or spin button.

Registration Process

First of all, you must register to an online casino. The registration process is like other sign ups. To register at such a casino, you should be at least eighteen years old. This can depend on your country but be sure to check the law before you enter an online casino. But this is how it works:

Pick the best casino that is the most appealing to you and consider finding the one that has the best conditions. Sign up with the given option (located at homepage) and you good to go.

To register at an online casino, you need to fill up some personal information. This is the same as different sign-up processes. You need to confirm your identity such as username, password, address … Maybe some casinos will require some document scanned in order to confirm and protect you from scams.

How Can You Win the Real Money?

This is maybe the part you will be mostly interested in. It is all about the money and you wanted to know how you can win it in an online casino. A casino is something that will never be going to give you the whole amount. There are 2 things to know about how can you earn some money and go home happy.

The so-called return to player decides how much money you will earn. Return to the player is a percentage of how much percentage you will get from the casino. It all depends on the machine. If the slot machine has something about 90% of return to the player, this means that you will get exactly that much percent of your money. Try to aim for the machines that have the higher percentage.

 Every slot machine has something that is called hit frequency. This is how frequently machine will stop on a winning combination. This also varies from machine to machine, and the average is about ten to thirty percent. It means that you will win one or two of every four or five spins.

Just with the combination of these two things you can decide what is best for you. My advice will be to try games for free and then find what suits you the most with some really good return to the player percentage.

What You Need to Fear

A lot of casinos offer you the chance to play for real money and win along with it. But if you want to win, you need to deposit some money, and that is where the real problem is. If you are not familiar with the rules completely, don’t play for real money. Try to play just for free, otherwise, you will end up with zero on your credit card. The fact is that you can win some pretty good sum. Many players are guided by this facts, and they don’t pay attention to the balance.

  1. Gambling addiction – in one word you should know where to stop, otherwise, it can be very dangerous for you and for people you love. This is one of the oldest problems that can leave you broke. If you have this type of problem, then consider asking for help.
  2. Slow payments – depending on your country it may take forever to get the money. You win some money and you can’t have it right now that is because the country is considered illegal for gambling and the payment process has to go through the local bank.
  3. Cash restrictions – cash out restrictions are when the online casino restrict the payments to a certain amount per week. There are sites that will pay you immediately so be careful where you deposit your money.
  4. Bonus requirements – you know that casinos will give you bonuses just for signing up at their casino. Everything is spinning about bonuses, and you should understand that they are not as it seems at their site. The trick is that you must have the deposit plus the bonus twenty times. That is a lot of money and if you want to play the game other than slots then the casino has the right to take all your earnings. The bonus suddenly disappears when you need to cash out.

What is the Difference Between Online & Real Slots?

There are lots of differences in online and real slots, but the basic concept is the same, so there is nothing more to use to except that you are at home. Maybe the biggest difference is that land based casino is physically present and online not.

  •         A number of games – when you enter the casino you will find more different slot machines with different games, but the variety of online games are incomparable more. In the virtual world there are new games every week and with that, it has more to offer.
  •         Technology – every use of technology has made our life easier, the same is with the virtual casinos. The advantage of online casino is that you don’t have to wait for anything because everything that you win instantly and there is no need for maintenance. You don’t have to wait for someone to reset the device.
  •         Small change – in the online games everything is about credit cards. The main thing is that all that small change that rings from your pocket is not necessary anymore. A bucket full of it can stay at home with the virtual casino.
  •         Payout – the payouts can vary from casino to casino and from online slots. It seems that players are saying that online casinos have better payouts. Online slots have about 90% of return to the player while the land based slots have something about 75%.

We have finally come to the end of this guide. If you manage to stay until the end, you are ready to come and get you some money in your pocket. You see how times have changed and now from the comfort of your home, you can have some fun. There are so many popular games to try, and that is what you should do. Try before playing for real money just to be sure if the game suits you. All in all, I hope this guide will help you to win and decide what is best for you.  

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