Online Slots Bonuses Offered at Online Casinos

If you like online slot games, you’ll love online slots bonuses. Slot machines (whether for fun or real money) are among the most popular games in both land-based and online casinos. Even a very large portion of casino income comes from these games (around 70%). In other words, the number of slot enthusiasts is very high. The fact that you do not have to be an experienced player to play on these machines is one of the most important reasons for their popularity. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, your chances of winning are always the same. These fun games, if you’re lucky enough, can also make you rich. Just use the right strategy and choose the game that works best for you: all types of online slots bonuses are among the strategies you need to pay attention to most. Although they do not increase your chances of winning, these bonuses can provide you with a great starting capital or extend your game time for free. In short, if you like slot machines, you should also benefit from online slots bonuses.

List of sites with bonuses for slots

Casino Slot Bonus
Paddy Power Casino 100 NO WAGERING BONUS SPINS + £600 BONUS

What Is an Online Slots Bonus?

Promotional activities organized by online casinos to attract new players and protect existing members’ loyalty are generally called “bonuses”. You can think of them as an advertising campaign: It is possible to gain additional advantages by becoming a member or fulfilling certain conditions. There are many advantages you can gain: Sometimes your account is paid for free, sometimes you can play for free, and sometimes a certain amount of money you deposit is returned. You can even play with higher betting limits. Since each online casino has its own bonus offers, it is not possible to give a complete and definitive list, but you get an advantage in any case.

Likewise, what you need to do to take advantage of bonus offers varies by campaign. While it’s enough to be a member for some campaigns, some may require you to deposit a certain amount or to participate in a draw. So whether you are playing in a UK casino or somewhere else, you should always read the terms and conditions when evaluating a bonus. Please note that the information we provide in this article is generic: Bonuses and terms of use vary from casino to casino. But all of them have a general and common characteristic: if you use them correctly, bonus offers always give you an advantage, even in some cases, you can create a capital that’s worth thousands of dollars.

Types of Online Slot Bonuses

We can examine the online slot bonus by separating them into two basic categories. In the first category, there are “general bonuses”. These are not slot machine specific promotions, but the features they offer also affect slot games. In the second category, there are only slot online bonuse. It is not possible to use the offers in this category for another type of game. Let’s start with the second category:

Free Spins Bonus: Slot machines are games that can be played free of charge, but if you are playing with real money, turning the reels causes you to spend money every time. The amount of this money varies according to the betting limits of the game. In some progressive jackpot games, even turning the reels one time may require you to spend hundreds of coins. Free Spins feature removes this disadvantage. As it is evident from its name, thanks to this bonus, the reels can be turned without paying a fee. Free spinning is actually a game feature, which means that this bonus is already included in most video slot machines. So what’s the difference between them?

Free spinning, which is the subject of bonus offers, is often combined with another promotion. For example, you can see an offer like this: “1.000 USD Welcome Bonus + 50 Free Spins”. This kind of proposal shows that the welcome bonus also includes free spinning rights. You can see them as additional rights – they can be used independently of the rights within the games. In other words, if you already have 50 free spins in a game, the casino offers 50 more. In total, you can spin the wheels 100 times at no cost. If you get a winning in the meantime, you are allowed to keep it.   

Existing members of a casino can also be granted free spinning rights on a weekly or monthly basis. This offer can sometimes be used to promote a new game. For example, a game that is new to the market gets a lot of free spinning rights over a limited period of time. Free Spins is a special offer only for slot machines because this feature is not available in other game types. It can be used for every game that supports the no download feature, and this offer is among the oldest and best promotions.

In the first category, there are two main types of online slots bonus:

  •         No Deposit Bonus: This promotion is only offered to new members. A certain amount of money is deposited in your account just for becoming a member (registering for a new account). The amount of this money is usually between 10 and 20 dollars. With this bonus gift, you can play slot games for real money and make a profit. You are allowed to withdraw your earnings to your bank account. (But do not forget to read our explanations below.)
  •         Deposit / Match Bonus: This offer is available to both new and old members. The money you deposit is matched by a certain ratio by the casino. For example, if you deposit $ 100, you get an additional $ 100. (The match rate in this example is 100%, higher ratios are available.) There is an upper limit for such offers and they are often applicable for multiple deposit transactions. You can use this bonus money to play slot machines.

How to Evaluate the Bonus Offers?

All of these promotions may sound nice to you, but almost all of them have some terms of use. When evaluating campaigns, you need to focus on these requirements, not the figures. Because some conditions can make it very difficult to use bonuses.

  •         When evaluating the Free Spins bonus, be aware that your rights may be limited to time and game. Some casinos are requesting that the free spins must be used within a maximum of one week, and when this time expires, the bonus is canceled. Some casinos also allow these spinning rights to be used in only a few predefined slot games. So you cannot choose any game you like. This can be a problem – especially if the selected games belong to the categories you do not like. Although this method is often used to promote new games, you should avoid this type of limitations.
  •         There are various restrictions on no deposit and match bonuses too. Like the Free Spins offer, the bonus money given to you may be used only in some games. For example, it only can be used in roulette games. But the real restrictive rule is a feature called the “wagering limit”. When you get a winning during Free Spins or a bonus money from any of these promotions, you also get a wagering limit. In order to be able to withdraw the bonus money given to you, you have to place a bet at a certain ratio. This rate starts at x30 and goes up to x50. For example, if your bonus is 200 dollars, you will be asked to bet at least $ 6,000 before you can claim it. As you can imagine, this is a very severe condition, and even in some cases, it can cause a detriment to your budget.

In short, as in all other businesses, you need to carefully consider the online slot bonuses and especially look for the parts that are written in “small letters”. If you make the right selections, slot bonuses will give you a great advantage. Incorrect choices may cause delays to withdrawing the money you already earn.