8 Common Mistakes of Slots Players

Slot games, whether these are the machines stationed at brick- and- mortar casinos or the online versions, are considered some of the most popular instant win casino games today. According to Statista, casino games (slot games included) dominate as the most important casino segment online at 23 percent, followed by sports betting at 22 percent. And if one browses the games catalog of many casino operators today, chances are you will discover a line-up that is loaded with instant win casino games including slot productions.

More than the statistics and marketing promotions, slot games are clearly crowd-favorites, thanks to its ease of gameplay, randomness and the prospects of massive jackpots or free spins that come with every spin. Given the right strategies and approach to playing these games, a player can count on a memorable playing experience, and even massive winnings.

Unfortunately, not all slot players get a chance to enjoy and maximize the potential that comes with every slot game. Some players commit mistakes while exploring and playing the games. Avoid the usual mistakes and be an informed slots players. Check out the following mistakes, and avoid these the next time you play your favorite slot tile. 

  1. Always bet on max credits. For many slot players, the best approach to winning higher prizes and jackpots on slots is to bet the maximum amount, every time. This approach is understandable when one explores a slot game because a max bet can turn into a massive jackpot, once a lucky spin has been made. But in the long run, betting on the maximum credit every time can be a costly mistake. Most games today charge a max bet of $4 to $5 for every spin, and if most of the spins end up as losses, the player will end up with a diminished bankroll in no time. Sure, there’s always that chance that the one big wager can deliver the jackpot, but if you want to protect the bankroll and have a strategy, you will only need to do this if the game is hot, and paying out well. Usually, you will have to try the game for a few spins before you can discover if the slot is hot and paying well.
  1. Not using and exploring the free play demo. Most online casino operators and even gaming portals now offer a free demo of slots, allowing players to test the games and explore the features. This is an important feature and offering that should be used and played before attempting to explore for real money mode. Using the free play demo of slot productions will allow you to explore the controls, understand the gameplay and check the pay-table. Ignoring this offer is a serious mistake, depriving yourself of that opportunity to familiarize yourself with rules of gameplay and features.
  1. Continuously playing a slot game that turned ‘cold’. Slot machines are defined by their randomness, thanks to the Random Number Generator. This means that nobody can predict the outcome of the next spin. But thanks to its randomness, some games can run out for hours without a winning, or the game has turned ‘cold’. Now is where the mistake comes in- some players continue to enjoy the game event when no payouts are produced, still hoping that the next big spin will deliver the winning. If you want to take advantage of the games and the varying Return to Player (RTP) percentages, then it’s highly recommended to move around, or play different games when visiting a casino to test the games. If possible, give each game at least a 10-spin test, before moving on to another game.
  1. Not setting a bankroll for the slot-spinning adventure. Being able to play at casinos with an assigned budget is one of the most challenging aspects of being a casino player and enthusiast. But having a budget or a set bankroll is one of the most important strategies that you can have, especially if you are just starting out. If you fail to set aside a budget or a bankroll for your next casino adventure, you will end up depleting your cash fund fast, and there’s a big chance that your personal money and investments may be compromised, too.

As a responsible casino player, it’s advised that you set a budget and stick with it. Whether you end up winning the games or losing, you should have the integrity and commitment to stop playing.

  1. Not practicing smart money management when playing slots. Aside from setting up a bankroll, smart money management and decision-making during actual casino action can go a long way in protecting your budget and interest. Another trick that can be done is to assign a percentage of the amount won for your own risk management. And if you won a big amount from playing the slots, make sure you know when to stop, and cash your winnings. This is one of the mistakes of established and regular slot players- they end up ‘getting greedy’ after taking a monstrous winning in the hope of getting more. Don’t make the usual greedy mistake- make sure you cash it out after hitting a big win and it’s okay to take a rest for some time. 
  1. Being desperate, and not wanting to end during a ‘losing session’. Everyone is familiar with this situation and the mistake that comes after it. A player selects a casino and plays a game. He makes a few spins and loses them all. The succeeding spins and deposits reflect the same sad trend- it’s a losing session. The disgruntled and disappointed player will end up playing furiously and desperate to finally hit a winning combination, while raiding the ATM or bank account for more funds.

There’s an underlying reason for this mistake- many gamblers and players do not want to go home a loser or behind. This mistake (and approach to slot gaming) is not just financially draining; it can be emotionally and psychologically-draining as well. If this is a common story for you and your friends, then now is the best time to be ‘smart’. Be smart by setting a limit (similar to suggestion no. 4), and end the day once you have breached the limit. 

  1. Playing slots online with a meager budget. Playing at the casinos is not a joke- it requires a substantial bankroll, and you may need to come up with certain strategies to play the games. This is where another classic player mistake comes into the picture- playing and exploring no download slot productions with a small budget, usually $20 to $30 per session. Sure, one must not spend a lot of money when it comes to playing casino games, but in the context of online slot entertainment, a bankroll worth $20 is never enough. And based on the experiences of many players, they will only end up losing this amount in less than an hour, and get more losses than winnings.

Having a low budget will not give you the flexibility and opportunity to try out a number of slot machines, and test if these titles are cold or hot. And since many modern and 3D slot machines feature at least 50 cents for every spin made, a bankroll worth $20 will not sustain your excitement for the night, unless you are really lucky and you hit the progressive jackpot on the first spin! 

  1. Playing while drunk or drinking with friends. Sure, many classic Hollywood movies have featured casino players with their favorite drink on the rocks while playing casino games. Although it may sound stylish and fun to enjoy casino games while drinking with friends, the usual results are not good. If you decide to try casino games with a few bottles of beers on the side, then there’s a big chance that you may throw all your set rules and limits, and forget about your bankroll and commitment to responsible casino experience. The more inebriated you become, the higher the chance that you will spin the reels wildly, and lose more than what you can afford.

This is actually one of the biggest (and costliest) mistakes of casino players and enthusiasts. Don’t drink and spin; if you must drink, enjoy the beer after ending the night to celebrate your winnings!

Slots are designed with easy gameplay, smart graphics, and massive jackpot potential. But to enjoy all these, you must enjoy these productions the smart way and avoid the usual mistakes, like the ones described above. Play it right, and get a slot-spinning adventure you will not regret!








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